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Team 1 Newsletter

GMS 6th Grade Team 1 Weekly Update: 9/5/2017


Team 1 Parents  and Families,



Field Trip: Team 1 will have a Field Trip to the Coterie Theatre at Crown Center on October 4th--please see attached permission slip.




Curry - ELA: This week in ELA, students will take a reading and comprehension test on a program called i-Ready.  All sixth graders will take this test on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week, students will learn about sentence structure:  simple, compound, and complex sentences.  For homework, students will need to log onto IXL and complete fifth grade, A.6 run-on and sentence fragment practice with 90% or higher accuracy.

So far students have been given at least 3 assignments that will go into the grade book. Please check the Parent Portal to see your child's progress.  All missing work should be turned in by Thursday. 


Phillips - MATH: This week in Math, students will review their work on placing and describing integers on the number line.  They will begin work with Absolute Value.  Their homework this evening is to make corrections on their Integers Practice sheet that was returned to them.  They  will have homework today- Thursday.  On Thursday and Friday, students will be taking a general math assessment called iReady to determine their current level in math.  Our team is doing a great job learning integers.  Ask your child where -8 or any other number is located on the number line in relation to zero. Also ask them the opposite of any other.  They should proudly be able to tell you.  If not, ask them to check their notes in their notebook and then let you know.  As always, thank you for your support from home.


Newland - SCIENCE: All Students should have their supplies for the classroom.  They need a pocket folder along with paper and something to write with.  We enter this week with a the last of our beginning of the year activities.  By Wednesday, we will start our first full collaboration science project.  All work is done in class and no homework is given during these type of activities.  Attendance is crucial during these projects so they have a chance to earn all possible points.  If you have questions, let me know.



Riemer - SOCIAL STUDIES:  This week in history class we are finishing up our journey through pre-history and about to begin looking at the earliest civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt.  We will be looking at these two civilizations that grew up along river valleys in Asia and Africa.

Homework this week:  Wednesday - First Farmers - Due Friday.

Thank you for all of your help in making this a great year for Team 1 Students,


Team 1

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