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Team 1 Newsletter

GMS 6th Grade Team 1 Weekly Update: 10/23/2017
Team 1 Parents and Families,
Parent/Teacher Conferences 
Thank you to everyone who came out to conferences last week.  Please contact any of the Team 1 teachers if you have further questions or concerns.
Parent/Teacher/Student Association: 
Here is your weekly PTSA update for the week of October 23rd-27th:
1.  Thank you all for stopping by for the parent-teacher conference dinner.  We enjoyed meeting many of you.  If you have any feedback about how things went, please let us know so that we can take it into account for next year.  We are wondering if we possibly needed to do this a little earlier in the day for next year. 
2.  Thank you all for helping getting the word out about our cookie dough pickup.  All of cookie dough was picked up at the end of the evening!  If there are any issues with the orders, please ask the parents to call the 1-800 number located on their packing slip, and the cookie dough company will deal with it directly.   
3.  We have a Papa John's Fundraiser Day scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th at the Blue Ridge location in Grandview.  Unfortunately we have not yet received the flyers (attached) for this event from Papa John's.  We will be copying them and getting them up to the school as soon as we can.  Families must mention our school code (KSG005) when ordering by phone or online, and our school can earn up to 25% of their order.  If we can reach $150 in sales, one lucky classroom will receive a pizza party.   
Have a great week.
Curry - ELA:  In ELA this week, students will read and discuss the novel, "The Graveyard Book."  Students will use strategies to make inferences, analyze how the author develops point of view, vocabulary lesson, and identify figurative language.  In addition, students will take Unit 3 Pre-Test.  Homework this week will be accessed via Google Classroom.  The story is Alice in Wonderland, and I am asking that parents please ensure that their child has completed this assignment.  The skills on this assignment is one that students are struggling with, so it is very important that they complete it, on or  by the due date.
A huge 'thank you' to those parents that attended Parent Teacher Conference, it was great meeting with you.  I am very proud of the way the student's led their own Student conferences.   Parent's you should be proud! 
Phillips - MATH: Thank you to all parents and guardians who visited with us during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  It was a pleasure meeting with each of you.  This week, students will continue dividing whole numbers and will begin adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with decimals.  Students should have benchmarks 1-4 passed.  I will add benchmarks 3 and 4 to the grade book on Friday.  Please ask your child if they have these benchmarks passed.  If not, they need to get another re-teach packet from the classroom.  As always, thank you for your support from home.

Newland - SCIENCE: This week we will continue to study biotic and abiotic organisms.  One of the main purposes while studying living and non-living organisms, is how the removal of a single living or non-living organism can affect the ecosystem.  We will be working towards testing at the end of this week.  Also, SCIENCE FAIR information will be coming out at the beginning of next week.
Riemer - SOCIAL STUDIES:  This week we continue our journey through the past of Ancient India from the Harappan Civilization (3000BC-1750BC) to the Vedic migrations (1700BC-500BC). In this unit we will discover one of the earliest civilizations on the planet, as well as the development of culture along the Indus and Ganges Rivers.
Homework this week:  
Monday - Indus Valley - DUE Wednesday attached
Wednesday - Saraswati & Indian Metalsmiths - DUE Friday

Thank you for all of your help in making this a great year for Team 1 Students,
Team 1